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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  February 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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barbara: governor mccrory involved in a car crash. how he is doing. john: police investigating in raleigh. good morning, carolina, welcome on february 8. 6:00 and 32 degrees. barbara: thank you for joining us. we will have more but first some schools starting late because of the threat of black ice in some areas. johnston and wayne are on a two-hour delay and edgecombe three hours delay. now time for weather and traffic. don: they should able to get up. we are going to see the morning. a look at the next 12 hours you see the rise in temperatures on the mountain there. by 11:00 we are up to 48 and lunchtime around 50 and hover in the 50 as this afternoon. current numbers, 28 in roxboro, 29 chapel hill.
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smithfield, 33 goldsboro and 30 fayetteville. looking at the day ahead. 29 now and by lunchtime partly sunny and 49. 20 degrees warmer. this afternoon in the 50's. i threw a late day rain shower in. any time after 5:00 or 6:00 you could see a few sprinkles. we will talk about the cold week ahead but now traffic with amber rupinta. amber: it is a monday morning and we have school delays and if you didn't know actually today is one of the highest days off of the year where many take off the day after the super bowl. maybe that will help with the traffic flow and it will be a nice monday for you. 40 and u.s. 70 zooming along the clayton bypass. watch for the possibility of ice in johnston county where they are also on a school delay. to the mapping system trgs is quiet and -- it is quiet and a
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no weather to deal with. that is good as we start monday. 40 and 15/501 quiet. we will check the drive times in a few. john: breaking news in raleigh police investigating a shooting in the 2000 block of lodge creek drive off old wake forest in north raleigh. we go to gloria rodriguez on the scene. gloria: police have roped off a part of the road leading into the apartment complex as they investigate this shooting. here is what we know about what happened. a shooting was reported at 1:20 this morning. at this time the raleigh police department is not saying much but a police officer told our photographer that body was in the parking lot. police roped off the crime scene as they investigated. that investigation is continuing right now. we have seen a few residents leaving that apartment complex right now but again this entrance is roped off right now to the public.
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have not made any arrests but they are following up on leads. if you have any information about this shooting you are urged to contact the raleigh police department. live in raleigh, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: thanks, gloria. barbara: the carolina panthers were hoping for a different outcome denver win the super bowl. john: 24-10 the final score. this is a game of defense. the broncos were too much for carolina to handle. cam newton was sacked seven times by the defense of defense. mark armstrong begins with a look back at the terrible loss for us. sorry about that, mark. mark mark: yeah, john. von miller will be in cam newton's nightmares for weeks. he terrorized him all game. the defense of the panthers played championship caliber football. it was the offense that never made the trip to san francisco.
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penalties, than they did points, only 10. all game long i found myself saying surely the real panthers will show up shortly. they never did being thrurl dominated by a snarling denver defense. >> denver did what they needed to do to win tonight. they really did. their defense played spectacular. the offense offense played good enough. mark: seven sacks and four turnovers, not a single player on the panthers offense played up to snuff the m.v.p. included. the result was a stunning crash to earth. >> we dropped balls and turned the ball over. gave up sacks. threw errant passes. that's it. it is gut-wrenching and hard to swallow. mark: the carolina coronation will have to wait. the pieces are in place for
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not that easy. opportunities must be seized. >> we are disappointed. we are disappointed in the way we lost. we feel like we never gave ourselves a chance. that is a tough pill to swallow. mark: after a season when so much went right it went wrong. the team of destiny is in denver. >> they are good and they did a good job. they did what they needed to do. >> it has been an emotional season and emotional last few weeks. we are proud of how far we have come and proud of this team and this organization. but obviously aware extremely disappointed. -- we are extremely disappointed. mark: that is probably the prevalent feeling. what season they put together but they didn't have enough to put a championship cap on that season. coming up later at 6:30 cam newton's persist game. you saw -- past game. that was the only answer he gave that was longer than five words
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illustration of how important it was to thomas davis to play in the super bowl. barbara: mark, thank you. people talking about cam's past game interview. john: it is hard to swallow for panthers fans at the super bowl. barbara: tisha powell has more on the mood. good morning to you. tisha: i spent a few days with the fans and very hopeful people and really looking for a panthers win and hoping for it. it didn't work out that way. they came streaming out of levi stadium feeling like it just wasn't what it was supposed to be. a lot of people really hoping that this would be their year saying things like my god i'm so excited it be here. this is just amazing. this is a once in a life toil chance and people -- lifetime
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across the country hoping they would be part of history. >> it is hard to win a game with four turnovers. they were in there until the last five minutes but the fourth turnover did them in. >> our tackles can't handle their ends. that is what i was afraid of. their ends were too strong and cam didn't have time. tisha: even with a loss fans were also optimistic saying we can do this again, we can be back next year. we will always have another shot. so, they just want to leave it on a positive note. barbara: tisha, thank you. i know they were disappointed. but a lot of teams would love to be in the super bowl so we are glad they made it that far. john: in charlotte disappointed fans left this watch party up uptown instead of partying into the wee hours many filed out early. aileen into athens is live.
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reporter: fans were disappointed and they will wake up feeling the same way. this city was confident going into the game that they would welcome home champions this morning. they had the wheels in motion to have a parade tomorrow morning but that will not be after there loss. fans flocked last night to uptown to watch the game. there were quite a few from triangle and sand hills area who wanted to be here to root on the team at the home base. all fans are not celebrating the super bowl win but they are tipping their hats to the team after a great season. >> definitely a great season. it was amazing. we were almost undefeated. >> everyone discounted them for the entire season and made it to the super bowl and the city rallied around it and it was a tough game but we made it to the super bowl. that is all that matters. reporter: it is a major
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but folks don't want the team to just go to the super bowl, they want to win the super bowl. i will say at that time panthers is tweeted that we will be back even stronger than ever next season and they thanked fans to be part of panther nation. everyone here in charlotte already looking forward to next season. john and barbara. barbara: thank you rbgs, alana. governor mccrory is recovering after being slightly injured in a minor car afternoon after leaving the super bowl. anthony wilson has this story. anthony: his car was rear-ended in san jose. it was totaled. here is video showing him at the super bowl. he was not driving and although he complained of pain was not taken to the hospital. another person in the vehicle was. we don't know that person's condition. before the accident the governor aes governor's office said congratulating both teams on a great season saying i ptwant to
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the team for getting there as n.f.c. champs and putting north carolina in the national spotlight. that said congratulations to the denver broncos on winning super bowl 50. i truly believe this was a contest between the two best teams in the nfl. "eyewitness news" is working to learn more about the crash involving the governor. john: 6:10 and 32 degrees. a traffic alert for drivers in the triangle. barbara: the section of road closing starting today for six months. also ahead, a hit-and-run in the triangle, the the bull's eye of a major snowstorm. don: around here we are all season. we will have very cold temperatures the next several
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>> welcome back. let's talk about the drive in this morning on your morning commute. as you head out the door this
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sunshine, blue skies across the area in spots, and temperatures will jump quickly under that sunshine, 44 degrees. going home today you will see cloud cover. numbers from across the area now 27, 29, 32. fayettville, 28. looking at your day ahead mainly clear skies. 29. 49. under partly sunny skies. through the late day 50 degrees. a couple of showers out there. i do think this evening will see rain around. talk about that plus the big stories and could air in your complete forecast up next. >> thank you. this morning garner police are looking forward a hit and run driver who killed a woman. police tell us the victim was 22-year-old kay la higgins. authorities say she was talking down the highway when a mini van hit her.
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around 8:00 that morning. police aren't sure of the mini van's make or model but should have front or right side damage. >> a section of the moriceville parkway is closing today for six months. the area near the shopping center, the d.o.t. is closing that road so a contractor can build a rail overpass. a detour will direct drivers around the closure. the roads are already heavily traveled. so drivers are encouraged to use extra time. >> and patience. >> a family tragedy. >> how two brothers were killed while shredding down a bob shred track.
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>> 32 degrees on this monday. here's a look at the headlines. the denver broncos are the n.f.l. champs bealting the panthers. the broncos defense too much for carolina. cam newton was sacked seven times. so upset, he walked off during the interview. governor pat mccrory slightly injured when his car was slightly injured while leaving the super bowl. the governor complained of pain but didn't seek treatment. a passenger was taken to the hospital. and we are on the scene of a shooting investigation at the hodges creek apartments off old wake forest road in raleigh. police aren't telling us much about it. >> two teenagers are dead this morning several others injured after police in canada say they
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at least eight tried to go down the bob sled track but they didn't realize it broke off into a huge track. they slammed into the concrete gate. two of the boys, brothers, died on the scene. the survivors are so traumatized they have not been able to talk to police yet. >> new england race bracing for a massive winter storm. the national weather service says southeastern massachusetts could get the brunt of the storm that's expected to begin this morning. while the super bowl action on the field was a disappoiment for panthers fans the halftime show was not. >> the british band cold play was the headliner. front man chris martin opening with the group's famous viva la veeda. they sang a snippet of paradise. some say cold plea was upstaged
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bruno mars bringing down the house. bruno mars rocked the stage. until queen b took over. beyonce hit the field. part of her new anthem. she took a tumble but quickly recovered. later she and bruno mars face off in a danceoff. this is their second appearance at the super bowl. >> i thought it was good. >> the halftime show always gets mixed reactions. i thought this was great. all three of them. >> they had some audio problems. but it certainly was action packed. >> i loved it. >> i agree. i love bruno mars. >> i could watch him the whole time. he's awesome. >> all right. >> i liked them. >> you know what? when you put them next to
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vanilla. >> but you're reaching so many people. that was the point. >> remember a few years ago who was the old guy they had? >> do not go there. >> do you know what he is talking about? >> how about old guys. >> tom petty. >> he's all right but i was like, really. but he was a safe bet after the -- >> oh, yeah. >> no ward robe mall functions. check it out. these are the temperatures every day this week. these are the highs. these are the lows. 17 degrees below normal. and if you're tom petty stands don't get mad.
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>> carolina blue on it. the panthers blue. dew point at 23. winds are calm this hour. looking in, 33 degrees right now with the southwest wind under a clear sky. really not a bad morning. we're going to see a lot of sunshine. clear skies around all morning long. but we zoom it out. you can see the system out west. caught between two systems. this one pull out of here. this dropping in. this bringing the cold air in as we go through the next several days. rain around today. by lunchtime partly sunny. but as we go into the afternoon we see the showers. and looks like just rain. maybe a little bit of instability. anything severe. i don't think it will be wide spread. some could hear a rumble of thunder. tomorrow at lunchtime we're mostly cloudy. here's the next chance of showers and tomorrow evening our model does try to develop some snow. around here today we will see
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climbing quickly by lunchtime. up to 49. mostly sunny. rain around 51 at 2:00. by 5:00 we're at 49 degrees. tonight those temperatures across the area. tonight we will see those temperatures back into the 30s for overnight lows. tonight a few flurries or rain drops. on your wednesday, temperature of 40 degrees. overnight lows in the 20s and teens. thursday, 37, friday 41. we're cold for valentine's day. >> we sure are. >> it all depends on where you are. if you're in front of the fireplace. >> that would be nice and romantic but it's also a sunday. so sunday evening.
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>> what's that like? >> we were saying earlier that today is one of the highest days of the year that people take off of work or i guess school. mostly work due to the super bowl. so hopefully that will make your monday morning commute a little easier. i know a lot of people are disappointmented that carolina didn't come out on top. just a little slow we do have some school delays this morning. so there are some possibilities of ice patches especially on secondary roadways. some of the areas where we have some delays today. but right now looking very nice here accident free and dry around central north carolina. >> thank you very much. >> there's a warning, a new one for i phone 6 users. >> we'll have that story.
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tell your doctor right away if your diarrhea worsens while taking xifaxan, as this may be a sign of a serious or even fatal condition. tell your doctor if you have liver disease or are taking other medications, because these may increase the amount of xifaxan in your body. tell your doctor if you are pregnant, plan on becoming pregnant, or are nursing. the most common side effects are nausea and an increase in liver enzymes. if you think you have ibs with diarrhea talk to your doctor about new xifaxan. >> welcome back. >> super bowl is no longer just about the game and the commercials. now the chatter on social media is worth watching. >> hey there. the top twitter mentions during the super bowl. >> beyonce took the top spot as
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more than 2.5 million mentions. >> followed by e-surance. and the broncos with 1.1 million. many i phone owners are angry at apple. >> their fixes have stopped working showing an error. it's a security measure after the phones were repaired by someone other than apple. if you get the message contact apple support. and has facebook officially put an end to the concept of six degrees of separation? >> according to the social media side if you pick any users there's an average of 3.57 degrees of separation. >> how many degrees separation of kevin bacon? >> have a great day.
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overnight in the trian >> breaking news this morning. a shooting investigation at a raleigh apartment complex. live on the scene. >> governor pat mccrory how he's doing.
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but it was a rough game for the defeat and the post game message. good morning. welcome on this monday february 8. it is 32 degrees. >> we'll have much more on super bowl 50. live reports coming up. first, the threat of icy roads putting schools on delay this morning. johnston county and wayne county schools on a two-hour delay. >> time for weather and traffic together. good morning. >> good morning. as you head out the door this morning we do have dry conditions around and weather way into work. temperatureless jump quickly the sky. by lunchtime up to 50 degrees. afternoon. 28 now. we're down to 29 now in the raleigh area.
6:26 am
the 20s, jumping 20 degrees by lunchtime. through the afternoon highs in the low 50s. chance for late-day rain. we'll talk more coming up. let's talk weather and traffic. >> good monday morning. we do have several counties on delay this morning. hopefully that will keep it down for you with the volume. this is 440 and lake boon. you will you can see some building here. it's dry. yesterday we had some wintry precipitation. so those are your counties on delay. then a lot of people take off on this monday after super bowl. so volume is lighter could be adding to it as well helping you out. we're accident free and all the majors coming back. we'll keep you posted. >> breaking news this morning. a shooting investigation at a
6:27 am
>> right now standing in front of the hodges creek apartments where the shooting happened. we have a map to show you where this is located. this is on hodges creek drive off old wake forest road. police have been here all night. they are investigating this shooting. right now they are letting people out. however, the public cannot go in past that police line right there. the shooting was reported at about 1:20 this morning. the police department is not saying much right now about the shooting. however, a police officer on the scene did tell our photograph that there was a body in the parking lot. at this time police say they have not made any arrests. they also don't have a suspect description. however, they say they are following up on leads. if you have any information about this shooting, you are asked to contact the police department. i am told that we should be getting an update a little later on this morning about
6:28 am
so be sure to tune in at noon for the very latest. >> thank you. more breaking news now. governor pat mccrory recovering after a car crash less than an hour after leaving the super bowl. his car was hit from behind and totalled. he complained of some pain but wasn't taken to the hospital. a passenger in the governor's car was taken to the hospital for a predaugsry evaluation. the governor releasing this statement overnight.ebration would be happening in north carolina but this morning it is denver that is partying after super bowl 50. it was definitely not the game. >> never got started largely thanks to denver's incredible defense. the day after being named the manufacture vp cam knewton was
6:29 am
sacked seven times, lost two fumbles, and failed to produce a touchdown for the only time this season. the result was a 24-10 loss. live from california now, mark armstrong. >> not a great performance from former auburn guy cam newton. >> good morning. it certainly was not his night. we alling the thought this would be the day that cam got corn nated. but it did not turn out that way. cam wears his emotions very plainly did not look happy. >> if you followed the panthers for any length of time you know that cam nune newton way. cam celebrations big, smile immense. sunday though doesn't do anything half way. his it was his gloom in full bloom. >> got out and played nothing different. >> as with every moment of his career instantaneous and the
6:30 am
>> just played better than us. >> in the end this is a guy dealing with the biggest disappointment by far. >> we had an opportunity. it wasn't anything special they did. we dropped balls. we turned balls over. sacks. threw errant passes. that's it. they scored more points than us. >> to quote the flolfer, joy rain. cam newton isn't good sat hiding either. >> i don't know what they want me to say. >> and that was that for cam newton. can you understand why he was in that frame of mind? yes. should he probably have handled himself a little better? also yes. cam newton always a lightning rod for many opinions. and lots of columns are being written today. now, on a different note just
6:31 am
of course he broke his arm the previous game. said he was definitely going to play in the super bowl. this is not for the squeamish. he insta grammed out a picture of his arm without the protective casing. and look at that. stitches. almost looks like a football itself. and thomas davis played in the super bowl with that arm. if you need to know anything about his dedication, that answers your questions. but that was quite a picture. we'll send it back to you. >> i thought that was a football. >> early morning. we appreciate that. it was a tough night for fans at the game. >> joining us now from california with that side of the story. >> very, very early. a lot of panthers are probably in bed right now just wishing this was all a bad dream.
6:32 am
some of them streaming out early upset about what was happening. it wasn't the type of game that panthers fans were used to seeing. we have a spectacular season. everyone was hoping they would end with a super bowl championship. but they came streaming out with their heads down. a few people upset. but they're looking forward to next year. a lot of people saying they felt outnumbered in the stadium. that they felt lost in a sea of orange. hoping that what they could have seen last night was also some more panthers fans. but the wruns i ran into were so excited so hopeful. hoping for beater turnout but didn't work out that way. so now what they're thinking about is next year and trying to remain positive. looking forward to another good season. and maybe anothera super bowl win next time around.
6:33 am
>> thank you. cam newton is young a probably will have many more super bowls to play in. if you need to drown your sorrows with crispy cream still doing their deal to celebrate. >> makes me feel better. >> 32 degrees. much more coverage of super bowl 50 ahead. >> coming up we'll head to charlotte for a live look at how that city is reacting to the panthers' trouble.
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region cold this >> welcome back. we're taking a look at the forecast. weather really not a factor. we have some delays in the eastern county. still check. download that on the first alert w wther app. has all the delays.
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cool with temperatures in the 30s. even some 20s on the board. looking at your day ahead lots of clear skies at the moment jump 20 degrees by lunchtime. talk more about the rain chances. your complete seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you. >> you've got to imagine the disappointment in the law. good morning to you. i know a lot of people upset last night. >> big upset. a lot of disappointment. this city was getting ready for a celebration. tomorrow morning. the city was getting ready for this possible win. the police department said they were stepping up patrols and this celebration.
6:36 am
after last night's major upset and loss. there was no official watch party last night here but still hundreds of people flocked uptown to watch this game. many people from fayettville, raleigh, chapel hill. they told me there was no place they would rather be to watch the super bowl game than charlotte the home of the panthers. and those folks will be driving home this morning reeling from last night's loss. >> i definitely feel major disappointment. i think it's super sad. >> tough game but we made it. we made it to super bowl. we may have lost but what matters is that we rally around the team and we had a good time. >> all right. so we have to look at it that way. it is a major accomplishment and achievement to make it to the super bowl. but of course people don't want to just go to the super bowl. they want to win it. live in charlotte. >> thank you.
6:37 am
consolation there. >> i wasn't going to say anything. the competition within the game the super bowl commercials. >> coming up. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> called the best commercial of super bowl 50. >> of course, i like that one too. opinions will vary but one thing is for sure this year's ads took on a new tone and may have stolen the show. here's a look at some of the top ones. this commercial featuring a hoard of weaner dogs in hot dog costumes charging across the field is definitely a crowd pleaser. >> did you find everything ok, sir? >> this 5d worth a million dollars to the california man who designed it one of three crash the super bowl contest.
6:39 am
>> and then there's this one called the strangest ad of the night puppy monkey baby. this is an ad for mountain due's kick start. the ad sought to show that great things go together. mountain due, juice, and caffeine. so there you have it. >> it's weird. but maybe you'll remember it. >> the licking of the face. >> one of the process folks, you bet on which is the first commercial that airs after kickoff. so is it a beer commercial this or that. and we all thought it was a gatorade commercial. it was a workout. all of a sudden they take a drink of middle class lobe ultra -- mick lobe ultra. >> i remember that. >> at least they were more light hearted. last year the super bummer? >> super bummers. >> all right.
6:40 am
the area if you were a panthers fan. weather widse we'll see a lot of sunshine to start the day. we'll show you the week ahead. notice the temperatures. chilly. these are highs. our normal high this time of year is about 54 degrees. close to it today and then bottom drops out by thursday highs only into the 30s. taking a live look into downtown raleigh and in the capital city we are seeing a temperature of 29 dew point 23. 78% humidity. winds are calm. looking into fayettville. nice sunrise going on. at the freezing mark. no wind. latest clear skies around on our satellite picture. we'll see clear skies to start the day. look at this cold air. snow in wisconsin, iowa, into illinois, missouri, kansas. this cold air is going south. we're not going to get much snow but see some of the coldest air of february. today we will see some rain around. by lunchtime we have partly
6:41 am
watch this box of green show up. tonight you may hear a rumble of thunder. i don't think we will see any severe weather but you may see a rumble or two of thunder. we have a couple of snow flakes left. tomorrow rain around again for midday to some pop-up showers. our model tries to develop some heavier snow. for the rest of today in raleigh expect those temperatures to climb quickly. by lunchtime up to 49 degrees. mostly sunny. then this afternoon the clouds thicken across the region. by 5:00 49 degrees. the rest of the area seeing temperatures today upper 40's to lower 50s across most of the region through the middle part of durham going to 51.
6:42 am
temperatures in the 40's. tonight those temperatures across the area back into the 30s for overnight lows. a few flurries around or raindrops. weand just 40 for a high. thursday 37. sunny cold. friday 41 degrees under partly sunny skies. as we go into the weekend saturday 41. sunday for valentine's day. this was uploaded from wisconsin. watches on line. he says this is what we're seeing up there. that's why you live up there and we live down here. >> it looks cold just looking at it. >> but lots of snow going on in the midwest. >> thanks for watching us on line.
6:43 am
day off after the super bowl. >> last night we were wishing that around 9:00. we thought how many hours are we going to get? but this morning maybe that will keep your volume down a little. we have a couple of issues. we have normal delay. u.s. 70 bypass starting to do brake tapping there. we always see a delay. it's 5 minutes to get to that delay. then on our mapping system we also see pretty decent start to the day. shopping there. a contractor is going to be building a rail pass overhead there. a detour is in place. but this is a busy area for drivers. so extra time is needed if you can avoid that area that might be a good idea. but again that's going on now for six months. so definitely something to make note of if you travel there are
6:44 am
johnson county one of the counties on delay this morning due to the possibility of some ice. so we have an accident coming in here near four oaks. both directions affected near strickland. they do have a detour in place there. if you're traveling on the freeway we are in good shape. dry here northbound. up to u.s. 15. 50540 westbound is moving fine. it's on time this morning. >> thank you. >> a lot of talk about the super bowl on social media this morning. dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4. that's breakfast whenevs. this is connor like so many kids, he was missing things in school -
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>> super bowl 50 trending on line. >> a lot of congratulations night. hash tag thank you. line. >> a lot of congratulations going on despite the loss last night. can't take away what we adorable little baby in a onesie here. love that. the internet the social media is not always kind. keep pouting after cam newton walked off. they're going to have a warm welcome back. >> thanks. >> as you head out the door lots of sunshine. temperatures in the 30s. will go 50s this afternoon. the warmest day of the next seven by this afternoon.
6:48 am
>> bundle up.
6:49 am
make it a great day. good morning, america. the denver broncos run away with the championship. >> the denver broncos have taken super bowl 50. >> their devastating defense grounding cam newton. >> the ball is out in the end
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